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Q: What are the full or half ‘base’ shares?
A: Your base share will consist of produce from our local farms. Quantity and variety will depend on the time of year and price of incoming produce. This base share is required for any optional shares.

Produce for our full or half base Market Basket share comes from a collection of local farms, depending on what is available each week. We are proud to call the following farms friends: Chilly Hollow Farm, Boward Family Farm, Flying W Farm, Glaize Apples, Mackintosh Fruit Farm, Shady Knoll Mushroom Farm, Shawnee Springs, and West Oaks.

Q: What if I don’t eat beef? (eggs, dairy, chicken, etc.)
A:  No worries, those shares are optional.

Q: How often do I pick up?
A:Pick ups will be once a week on Tuesdays, May 7ththrough 0ctober 29th

Q: How do I get more information on each ‘share’?
A:When you’re signing up, you can click on the picture for each share and pull up specific details! And, you can get this information before you have to purchase anything.

Q: Can I get pies, cakes, and dry goods?
A:Of course! That would be through our regular warehouse operations.  This program is strictly supporting our local farmers and small producers.

Q: But I’m not a business!  Can I still participate!
A:  Great!  This program is just for you, our consumer, and not wholesale.  Your account will be created with Farmigo, instead of with our wholesale operating system.

Q: I have some additional questions, can I contact someone there?
A:Absolutely!  Email