Schenck Foods Company is a family owned business committed to giving back to the communities we serve. We strive to improve the lives of our customers, employees, and community members in every way we can.

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While we consider any and all solicitations, we prioritize our giving through our CEO’s most passionate endeavors. While we certainly would like to give to any and every organization in need, we are a small, but mighty company with a finite amount of resources for these efforts.

We help make a difference through our support of the following key giving priorities: community-based food banks and emergency food providers, we are advocates for children in need, those individuals and families struggling with addiction, and the empowerment and support of women’s issues and needs.

Those organizations interested in requesting a donation for their cause should submit your donation or community sponsorship request online for consideration.  In an effort to better automate and track or annual giving, written requests, whether delivered in person, by mail, e-mail or fax, are no longer accepted. Those without internet access can fill out the donation request form at our computer kiosk at the front of our warehouse store.

Our Donation Policy

All requests should be submitted at least thirty days prior to your event.

Every donation request will receive a response from our office, regardless of whether it was granted or not. Follow up calls and emails are not necessary.

When dollars are not available, we may offer food products or Schenck Foods Gift Cards and in some cases, we can work to provide you with very competitive prices to purchase goods at Schenck Foods.

As a rule, there are several types of requests that Schenck Foods CANNOT accommodate:

  • Individuals requesting donations for trips, sports sponsorships, pageants, etc.
  • Direct donation requests to an organization or institution to support a specific individual with catastrophic health and financial needs
  • Individuals soliciting on a behalf of a charity already supported by Schenck Foods
  • Advertising in school yearbooks and programs for parties and benefit performances
  • Requests for funding outside Schenck Foods’ four-state market area
  • Organizations requesting donations for associate incentives or employee recognition events.
  • Requests from faith-based agencies for religious purposes; however, we can consider humanitarian aid, such as food for people in need if your church is holding such an event (for example WATTS)
  • Professional development seminars and conferences
  • Travel expenses for educational or extracurricular activities
  • Charitable fundraising efforts and capital campaigns of other businesses
  • Discounted gift card programs
  • Organizations that are identified more with specific groups of people rather than the general public, such as veterans’ groups, fraternal orders, labor organizations, and entertainment organizations are not eligible
  • Organizations that Schenck Foods is in legal or financial conflict with or which connects Schenck Foods to any political party or group
  • Organizations providing services primarily to animals
  • Organizations whose programs discriminate based on race/ethnicity, color, national origin, ancestry, sex/gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, marital/parental status, pregnancy/childbirth or related conditions, religion, creed, age, disability, genetic information, military service/veteran status, disabled veteran, recently separated veteran, other protected veteran, Armed Forces service medal veteran, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Branding Schenck Foods Gives (SFG)

Schenck Foods Company official logo should be used in any advertising or public relations materials. Specifications will be given regarding colors and sizing.

Questions to consider to see if you qualify for submitting a donation request:

  • Are you a U.S. based IRS qualified charitable or 501 (c) 3 organization? (We will need your tax ID information for record keeping purposes)
  • Are your organization’s programs and services available to all in the community?
  • Is your proposal in support of any of the following: political cause, religious organization, endowment, capital campaign, fraternal organizations, an individual, recreation, sports, charter school, bands, choir, animal-related, church group, or an international organization?

If you believe you are eligible for a donation/sponsorship, please fill out the request form.

We review request forms on a bi-weekly basis.

We will contact you about your request within two weeks.

Submit a Donation Request

Please fill out and submit the form below in its entirety. All of the following information is necessary for us to properly review your request, and we will not consider any incomplete submissions.