Schenck Foods Leadership

David Huntsberry, CEO and President,

is the third generation of the family to lead at Schenck Foods Company. David has been in leadership for over two decades of the 92 years of business. “Watching the business grow over the years has been a real pleasure. Working with great people makes it easy to come to the warehouse every day. Even better is sharing our passion with our customers.”

Management Team

Robert Buckenham

I have recently joined the Schenck Foods family and I never felt more welcome and supported.   We have been working tirelessly to keep everyone safe from COVID-19, yet still live up to our earned reputation for Commitment to Customer. I am proud to be a part of delivering personalized services and products from our family to yours!

Brandon Bosley

Operations Manager
Since I started with the company 8 years ago, its always felt like a family atmosphere that I never saw anywhere else I’ve worked in the past. Everyone cares about one another and the job they do.

Also, there’s always room and opportunities for advancement within the company, the value of good ”In-house” experience is acknowledged and an employee’s good work ethics are recognized and rewarded.

Frank Hoffman

Director of Purchasing

It’s a privilege to work at a place where the company’s core values, mission and vision align with your own – not just for your work life, but your home life as well.  When I saw what they stand for, I knew this was the place for me.  I felt like family from the first interview

Jessica Swiger

Sales & Marketing Manager
Coming to Schenck Foods was a gift. It aligned my personal mission of feeding my friends and family with good food, seeing our region have access to healthy food options and working with inspiring people to grow the organization. Our core values give us a compass to make every day decisions that benefit both our employees and customers.

Employee Testimonials

Jason Bowers

Day Warehouse Supervisor

I started here when I was in my 20’s and it truly feels like working with family. It’s a great company and the people are great.

Danny Ambrose

Customer Service Representative

The most important thing that I do is help people.  I take it very seriously that I am the face of Schenck Foods.

Josh Shetler

Relief Delivery Driver

I love working for Schenck Foods because I feel like I am part of the family.  Being a relief driver, I am able to meet wonderful customers located all over the place!

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