Best Foods For Caterers To Keep In Stock

by | Mar 3, 2022

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As a local wholesale food distributor in Winchester, VA, we’re proud to supply many local catering businesses. Over time, we have found that some foods are more popular than others (and reviewing this list, we can see why).

These are our most-ordered catering products for events such as weddings, receptions, and company lunches:

  • Shrimp
  • Beef Tenderloin
  • Prime Rib (Ribeye)
  • Meatballs
  • Cubed Cheese
  • Entertainment Crackers
  • Steam Table Pans


Shrimp is a popular catering food for good reason. It can be used for appetizers and entrees, from cocktail hors d’oeuvres to seafood mains. It’s a convenient halfway point for pescatarians who may not want meat. Shrimp’s small size means it’s easier to calculate the number of “bites” needed.

Schenck Foods carries premium shrimp in a variety of sizes and styles, including shells on/off, tails on/off, and raw/precooked. We also have breaded shrimp in different styles for a more diverse menu.

Varieties available: E-Z peel 26/30 and 31/40, tail-on and tail-off, breaded popcorn shrimp, breaded coconut shrimp, beer battered shrimp, and more.

Case size: 2 lbs (plain), for other sizes open our catalog and search “shrimp”

Price: varies according to the wholesale market

Beef Tenderloin

Cooked medium rare and plated alongside onions, mushrooms, and baguette slices, or served cool with soft buns as an appetizer, beef tenderloin is a party favorite that works with nearly any side and never fails to disappoint.

Varieties available: peeled, 2-piece servings

Case size: 6-8 lbs

Price: varies according to the wholesale market

Prime Rib / Ribeye

For the next step up from beef tenderloin, go for ribeye steak. Choosier clients will request this option, especially if they want their event to make a statement. Our catering clients always come back for more.

Our ribeye cuts are carefully chosen and stored. We have a selection of fresh and frozen cuts in multiple weights to suit your catering needs. To see all our varieties, visit our catalog and search “ribeye”.

Varieties available: Fresh/frozen, 4 oz/6 oz/8 oz

Case size: 20-40 individual steaks, 14-18 lbs

Price: varies according to the wholesale market


For simple, down-to-earth events, meatballs are an easy traditional food. Plated over buttered spaghetti, steamed rice, or whipped potatoes, and presented with roasted vegetables on the side, they make a hearty and filling meal.

Schenck Foods sells meatball entrees pre-packaged in steam trays for ultra-convenient catering and a minimum of fuss.

Varieties available: Swedish meatballs in gravy, all-beef Italian meatballs, regular/mild flavors, turkey meatballs, in .5 oz/1 oz/2 oz

Case size: 80-320 servings, or 4 62-oz trays

Price: varies according to the wholesale market

Cubed Cheese

Cheese is an essential element in hors d’oeuvres. With cubed cheese, all the hard work is done for you. Pre-cut cheese cubes look consistent and uniform, provide reliable “bite” counts for catering plans, and save on time and labor.

Varieties available: pepper jack, swiss, cheddar

Case size: 80 servings (4 cubes each)

Entertainment Crackers

No appetizer lineup would be complete with crackers, the backbone of the buffet. Schenck Foods carries over 30 different kinds of crackers for entertainment purposes, including Cheez-Its and animal crackers for the kids.

Our most popular product is “Nabisco Classic Assorted Crackers”, which includes a variety of different crackers so that it’s only necessary to purchase one product. “Nabisco Classic Assorted Crackers” is 6.25 lbs and includes 816 crackers.

Varieties available: wheat, whole grain, honey graham, saltine, ritz, oyster, and many more.

Case size: 6.25 lbs, 816 ct (Nabisco “Classic Asst Crackers”)

Steam Table Pans (and other catering equipment)

Steam pans/trays are an indispensable part of catering. Schenck Foods carries medium and deep trays in both half and full sizes.

Varieties available: full-size medium, full-size deep, half-size medium, half-size deep

Case size: 100 pans

How to Order Catering Foods and Supplies

If you already have an account with us, you can order several ways: call us, order online, drop by our Winchester, VA warehouse, or call your sales representative.

If you don’t have an account, now is the time to get one! Ordering food wholesale is an easy way to save on food costs.

Other benefits you get by ordering from Schenck Foods:

  • No application or membership fee
  • A low $250 order minimum
  • Flat $5 delivery fees
  • Order as late as 5pm for next-day delivery, Monday-Friday
  • Walk-in warehouse in Winchester, VA

Fill out a wholesale application here and we’ll help you get started.