We’ve changed a lot since we first opened our doors 90 years ago. As this Winchester Star article points out, some of our most recent changes include converting our conference room to a professional kitchen so vendors can show us their products. We’ve also installed refrigerators and freezers in our main entrance so you can buy local products like ice cream. Our new CEO Jason Huntsberry is looking forward to leading Schenck Foods in future endeavors, like farm-to-table. As The Star reports:

Schenck may have made its initial impact delivering large orders of canned and packaged goods to institutions and commercial kitchens. But looking forward, it is including farmers’ markets and local growers as sources for the more than 4,000 items it stocks.


“We’re a small, local company and we should be working with small and local producers,” said Abby D’Arcangelis, 28, a former chef who joined the company six months ago and is now guiding its entry into the world of farm-to-table purchasing.

To read more about our 90th anniversary and how we’ve grown over the years, check out the rest of the article HERE.