10 Delicious Desserts that Seniors Will Love (With Easy Recipes!)

by | May 9, 2024

Our taste buds may crave simpler, comforting flavors as we age — but that doesn’t mean seniors can’t appreciate a delicious dessert.

Schenck Foods offers a wide range of ingredients and ready-to-bake products in our selection, sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, young in age or young at heart.

Here are 10 desserts that are most often favorites among seniors. These can all be made using ingredients from the extensive wholesale catalog from Schenck Foods.

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1. Classic Apple Pie

There’s nothing quite like a slice of homemade apple pie. This all-American classic can be whipped up with Schenck Foods’ fresh apples and graham cracker pie crusts. This traditional dessert is an easy win for many seniors, a favorite for its comforting spice combinations and tender apples. Serve it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the ultimate time-tested treat.  Short on labor these days? Schenck Foods has several apple and other fruit pies that are just as delicious as those pies made from scratch.

Try this easy apple pie recipe!

2. Creamy Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a gentle, creamy dessert with a comforting texture that’s easy on the palate and the stomach — a perfect go-to dessert that seniors will love. Use Schenck Foods’ basmati rice, some vanilla extract, and a pinch of cinnamon to create a classic version of this beloved dish. Want to warm it up? Let the pudding set overnight, then pan fry to order and serve with a scoop of ice cream or a lovely cinnamon caramel sauce!

Try this easy rice pudding recipe!

3. Lemon Bars

For those who prefer something a bit tangier, lemon bars offer a zesty flavor that contrasts beautifully with a sweet, buttery base. Use lemons, eggs, and sugar from Schenck Foods to make the curd, and all-purpose flour, salt, and butter for a simple yet crumbly crust.  If you’re not up to the task, or have a large event to bake for, our sheets of pre-made lemons bars are just as zippy and buttery as the homemade version!

Try this easy lemon bar recipe!

4. Pound Cake

Pound cake is wonderfully versatile. This classic can be enjoyed plain, or dressed up with fruit and a dollop of whipped cream. Schenck Foods provides all the essentials like flour, eggs, and sugar to bake this buttery, dense cake that seniors are sure to love.

Try this easy pound cake recipe! 

5. Chocolate Pudding

A rich chocolate pudding can satisfy any sweet tooth. Like rice pudding, its comforting, silky texture is easy on the palate. But chocolate makes everything better, right? Make this nostalgic favorite with Schenck Foods’ cocoa powder and milk, and top it with whipped cream and berries for an extra special dessert that feels like a decadent indulgence.

Try this easy chocolate pudding recipe!

6. Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is forever a brilliant vehicle for leftovers. With leftover bread heels on hand or Schenck Foods’ own selection of bread varieties, this dessert transforms simple ingredients into a warm, comforting treat. Throw in a variety of dried fruit and a splash of vanilla to take the flavor to the next level.

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7. Peach Cobbler

Use a can or two of Schenck Foods’ peaches or peach pie filling to whip up a quick and easy peach cobbler. The sweet softness of the peaches with a gently toasted buttery surface makes this dessert a perennial favorite!

Try this easy peach cobbler recipe

8. Angel Food Cake

A light and fluffy angel food cake is perfect for seniors who prefer a less dense or filling dessert. Use Schenck Foods’ cage-free egg whites and cake flour to achieve that signature spongy texture, and pair it with fresh berries or a light glaze.

Try this easy angel food cake recipe

9. Banana Pudding

Layer vanilla wafers with slices of bananas and a creamy instant pudding mixture from Schenck Foods for a delightful dessert that brings back pleasant memories. Banana pudding is rich, delicious, nostalgic, and easy to eat — all qualities that your seniors may appreciate.

Try this easy banana pudding recipe

10. Tapioca Pudding

Another gentle, easy-to-digest option, tapioca pudding is ideal for its unique texture and mild sweetness. Small pearl tapioca is the star of this dish, which is lovely when flavored with a hint of vanilla.

Try this easy tapioca pudding recipe! 

Tips for Preparing Desserts For Seniors

When preparing desserts that seniors will love, consider a few practical tips to ensure they are as enjoyable as possible:

  • Texture and Consistency – Soft and creamy textures are generally more senior-friendly, especially for those who may have consistent difficulty with harder, chewier foods.
  • Flavor Profile – Opt for mild, well-loved flavors. Many seniors have a reduced sense of taste, so slightly enhancing sweetness or spices in a dessert can be beneficial.
  • Nutritional Consideration – Incorporate healthier elements where possible. Adding whole grains or fruits can increase the nutritional value of desserts, and enhance overall nutritional intake throughout the day — which many seniors’ shrinking appetites may cause them to lack.

A simple dessert can bring joy and comfort to any dining experience, regardless of one’s age. Schenck Foods’ diverse catalog of ingredients ensures that you can create all these delectable desserts that not only taste great but also cater to our seniors’ dietary preferences and needs. 

Whether it’s the rich simplicity of a chocolate pudding or the fresh zest of a lemon bar, there’s something in Schenck Foods’ product catalog for every senior to enjoy.

Explore Schenck Foods’ wholesale catalog today to find all the ingredients you need to whip up these beloved desserts that seniors will love. 


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