5 Creative Ways to Market Your Restaurant for the 4th of July

by | Jun 21, 2022

The 4th of July is an opportunity for restaurants and caterers to celebrate the Grand Ol’ Flag with family, friends, fun, and fireworks, all while growing your business. As a wholesale restaurant supplier, we know that a big holiday weekend can put extra demands on business, staff, and menu items. But with a little planning and forethought it can bring a nice profit margin bump in July.

To help with your summer holiday restaurant promotions, we’ve rounded up our five favorite ideas to win customers and grow your business.

Grill Something (Awesome)

This should be numbers one through five, really. Grilling and barbecues are an obvious and expected part of the many red, white, and blue activities–along with color-themed desserts, festive drinks, and patriotic décor.

Every Independence Day over 190 million pounds of red meat and pork and 750 million pounds of chicken are purchased. And then, to top it off, Americans eat 150 million hot dogs. That’s enough hot dogs to stretch from L.A. to Washington D.C. Five times.

Schenck Foods is ready for you to get your Uncle Sam on–we have a variety of grillin’ meats in our catalog including chicken, beef, pork and shrimp. Want a piece of those 150 million dogs, along with paper disposables for the big day? We can handle that. Feel free to reach out to ask questions or set up an order.

As grilling meats are a 4th of July favorite, this is the perfect time to highlight the grill on your menu. You could even set up a mobile grill in front of your restaurant, or on your patio. You’ll be sure to catch the eye, (and nose), of passers, parade goers and event attendees. Patios, decks and awnings will be a hit. Requisition as much outdoor seating as you can–even if it’s temporary–and welcome your guests to a fun, red, white, and blue summer space. This is the day you could invite your staff to dress in appropriately themed attire. You can set yourself above and apart by inviting local pets (you could even invite them specifically to your new outdoor areas, limiting potential for additional cleanup or accidents inside). Furry friends are often a part of the family’s outdoor celebrations on the 4th. By including them in your marketing with water bowls and treats you capture that much more of the holiday demographic.

The thing is, when you invite guests to your patio with the smell of the grill, you aren’t just creating a themed event–you’re attracting all the right attention, opening up a kid-friendly, pet-friendly and family friendly space, and setting yourself up to promote high-profit special menu items (see number three on our list), and emphasizing drinks (yep, that’s number four on our list).

Finally, stay open late. It’s one day. Keep the grill hot and anticipate that guests will want to hang out until after the fireworks. If your restaurant offers any type of view for watching fireworks, capitalize on your prime location and don’t tap out early. Be the last one to clock out. You’ll catch the firework watchers, plus the post-firework show crowd looking for a place to grab high-profit appetizers and drinks until the early morning hours.

Offer 4th of July Takeaway Meal Kits (and a Party)

Over the past couple of years restaurants discovered a new market in offering takeaway meal kits for families and parties that wanted to celebrate at home or picnic at the park. Now family-style meals are part of the norm, particularly over a holiday weekend.

There’s no seating limitation here, so build a custom-themed meal and promote this one well in advance. Want to go the extra mile for a smile? (And a buck?) Offer an add-on box with everything they’ll need for a backyard celebration of freedom–think plates and napkins, streamers, balloons, and maybe even some sparklers (providing fireworks laws in your area allow for it). Schenck Foods has more than grillin’ meats–we’ve got you covered for all of your paper products including takeaway boxes, napkins, plates, cups, etc–even our dipping sauces are on sale this month. From honey mustard to tangy gold Carolina BBQ, you’ll have customers and picnickers saying, “Yes, please.”

Independence Menu Specials

Hopefully by now you’ve fired up the grill out front and you’ve got guests on the patio. This is where you can offer a holiday special that ups the wow factor of your event, while still being easy to deliver to hungry crowds at high capacity.

Think about menu items like grilled shrimp skewers, garlic-mustard grilled beef skewers, best-ever grilled ribs, grilled tenderloin, and desserts like strawberry icebox cake (the red and white themed colors seem to simply be asking to be a part of your celebration). Pioneer Woman has pulled each of these recipes together, and offers additional 4th of July menu inspiration if you need it.

That said, menu specials don’t have to be limited to something new and unique that you create for the day–you could promote old favorites to draw in traffic and boost holiday sales:

  • Offer free delivery on online ordering with the code “FIREWORKS.”
  • Give a discount of $4 off online orders using the code “JULY4.”
  • Sell a bucket of beer or seltzers for $17.76.
  • Create a holiday menu that features items for $7.04 (America’s birthday).

Emphasize Your Drinks

One thing you can probably count on for the 4th of July–it’ll probably be hot. Putting your drinks menu front and center will draw in a thirsty crowd, who will love to hang around for the eats. Having something special for your guests to drink can set you apart while still being an easy add to your Independence menu. An iced raspberry tea with fresh raspberries or thin lemon slices add lovely color and a tangy flavor. Here’s a simple recipe from Taste of Home.

Another ice cold, patriotic Fourth of July cocktail is this blue beauty from the Toasty Kitchen. With a blend of citrus and peach flavors, this easy to make cocktail may be one you want to keep on your menu year around!

Independence Day Partnerships

Finally, consider partnering with another business on a 4th of July-themed collaboration to spark sales. A brewery could provide an Independence day themed brew exclusive to your restaurant, or local Uber drivers could partner with you to be the on site transportation, especially for late-night festivities. Your local foodstuffs wholesaler could supply all of the extra paper products you’ll need for patio dining and takeaways.

Whether it’s a one-time partnership or a long term relationship, we’re familiar with the demands restaurants face. That’s where Schenck Foods’ wholesale pricing, local knowledge, and long experience come into play.

We have competitive pricing, quick order processing, friendly and efficient staff, and rapid turnaround and delivery time. What we don’t have is a mediocre selection, slow corporate hassle, or hidden fees.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to ask questions or request special ingredients. Like the minutemen of 1776, we’re ready to go.