Schenck Foods Return Policy

Effective as of Feburary 1, 2022

For over 90 years, Schenck Foods has made customer service our number one priority. We remain as committed to our customers and community today, as in 1928 when the company was founded. We want to take this opportunity to share and remind our customers how we maintain our mission to consistently deliver superior service and quality products that enable our customers to thrive and grow.

Schenck Foods strives to deliver our products in a timely manner that also adhere to government guidelines and safety regulations.  We take this commitment seriously not just for the protection of Schenck Foods, but for the protection of our customers and their customers alike.

  • All fresh Meat, Poultry, and Seafood…. Time of Delivery ONLY
  • Produce…ALL Produce Should be checked at time of Delivery, any customer requesting a Pickup Must have it Transmitted within 24 Hours of delivery, and will be inspected upon return to the warehouse
  • Fresh Milk…Time of Delivery ONLY
  • Perishables……48 Hours 
  • Frozen Items….48 Hours
  • Special Orders (any non-stock item), these items are ordered specifically, and are non-returnable except when damaged, or questionable quality at time of delivery.

Allowable Returns: 

  • All dry products – Maximum of 7 days from date of receipt 

Parameters for return/credit consideration: 

  • Product must be in the original packaging, sealed, free of markings or damage 
  • Frozen or refrigerated grocery product can only be returned in a Schenck Foods truck 
  • All items that are valid for return will be charged a restocking fee of 20% 
  • Damaged items are considered  
  • Credit may be offered for special circumstances – that does not guarantee product will be removed from your facility/premises 
  • Drivers will not pick up any product without an approved Pick-up request

All return requests and credits are subject to review once submitted to the Schenck Foods office. If items are refused at delivery, they will be reviewed upon return to the warehouse for potential credit processing. Customers must connect directly with their salesperson or customer service rep to verify credit was validated. Please work with your sales representative to ensure the right amount of product is ordered to avoid overage return requests.