5 Unique (and Delicious) Taco Recipes for #TacoTuesdays

by | Sep 2, 2022

Steak taco recipe

Forget Wine – We’re Going Taco Tasting

Tacos are about as versatile and perfect as food gets. Generally, the taco is food stuffed in a folded corn or flour tortilla (with the exception of the pita taco). From crispy fish tacos with slaw and mango salsa to chicken, beef, pork, lamb, vegan, and vegetarian there’s a taco recipe here for everyone. And providing an enormous variety of ingredients for Mexican restaurants and caterers at wholesale prices is just the kind of thing we at Schenck Foods love to sink our teeth into.

“You can’t make everybody happy, you’re not a taco.”

Whether you’re ordering Hispanic and Latino ingredients on a daily and weekly basis, or you’re a caterer looking at a one-off special order of Mexican food ingredients, we’ve got you covered for any taco recipe with an easy ordering process, an extensive online catalog, and a $5 flat delivery fee.

5 Flavorful & Colorful Taco Recipe Hits

Whether it’s #TacoTuesday, #CincodeMayo, or any ol’ night, we’re ready to dish up one of our favorite taco recipes. These taco delights are the perfect meal for one or a crowd, and each of the below recipes has an interesting twist (or two) on the classic and familiar food with attitude.

Tacos with salsa on a wooden cutting board1. Cuban Taco Recipe: Fish Tacos with Citrus Mango Slaw + Chipotle Lime Crema

We like to surround ourselves with tacos, not negativity. And this Cuban fish taco is a delicious fiesta on your plate. A surprising mix of fruit and slaw results in a recipe that is both tasty and healthy. We’ll drink to that!

Again, thanks to the versatility of tacos, you can use your favorite fish – salmon, tuna, shrimp (one of caterer’s favorite foods to keep on hand) and mahi-mahi would all be equally delicious. This one is all about the marinade. It’s a blend of orange, lime, and cilantro giving this dish that fresh citrus punch.

Then a salsa/slaw combination: a little red cabbage in the mix, grapefruit, cara cara, and blood oranges, and a little mango, because how do you do Cuban without some mango?

The crema. It’s not a strictly traditional crema because it’s a mix of cream cheese and crema, but it’s fantastic with fish.

To serve, dice the fish into pieces. Warm the tortillas and fill with fish. Top with slaw, crema and shredded red cabbage. Sprinkle with cotija cheese if desired.

Happy tacoing! Head over to Half Baked Harvest for the full recipe and cook times. And that’s it. 5 minute cook time and about 25 minutes for prep. These are quick and easy to make…what time do you want us to be there for dinner?

Hawaiian huli huli mango avocado taco recipe2. Hawaiian Taco Recipe: Huli Huli Chicken Tacos

Yesterday we really wanted tacos. Today, we’re eating tacos. #Followyourdreams #Goals

These Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken Tacos topped with a fresh pineapple, mango, and avocado salsa are smashing our #followyourdreams #goals. Big time.

Some people may feel that pineapple has no place on pizza – and maybe they’re right – we aren’t here to argue that fight, but it definitely belongs on these tacos. No matter the time of year you can escape to a tropical paradise with this amazing recipe.

Huli huli is traditionally a grilled chicken dish over mesquite, then basted with a sweet and salty tropical marinade consisting of pineapple juice, soy sauce, and fresh ginger. The sauce is rounded off with ketchup, chicken broth, brown sugar, and garlic, for that distinct and yummy flavor.

After grilling the chicken the toppings are more like a fresh pico de gallo than a traditional salsa. Dice a fresh mango and avocado into uniform size, mix with cilantro, lime juice, and pinch of salt. The flavors will complement and even out the sweet and salty of the huli huli chicken.

These tacos are super easy to keep as a gluten free alternative: simply serve on corn tortillas instead of flour, and you can utilize your favorite gluten free soy sauce, or tamari! Check out the full recipe at A Simple Pantry.

Irish pork tacos recipe with Guinness3. Irish Taco Recipe (Yes, Irish): Guinness Braised Pork + Green Crema

Irish Tacos are a perfect St. Paddy’s Day dinner! Guinness-braised pork topped with cabbage, green crema, and queso fresco. This is an Irish/Mexican fusion from The Cheerful Kitchen that you do not want to miss out on!

But wait! How did Irish Tacos make it ahead of and instead of Deep-Fried Avocado Tacos?

We’ll admit the Deep-Fried Avocado Taco sounds fabulous. But remember five or six years ago when everybody and their mother’s blog started declaring fried avocados to be the culinary equivalent of a joint Beatles reunion and Led Zeppelin tour—but then we realized that actually, fried avocados aren’t really that great after all. 

The reason fried avocados don’t taste particularly fantastic is that an avocado’s main selling point is its buttery, creamy texture, and that’s a texture that is at its best when served at room temperature. But when you heat an avocado up it goes from being creamy to overly soft. Moreover, because hot foods are easier for us to taste, heating an avocado only serves to remind us of how bland they actually are.

So, no to Deep-Fried Avocado Tacos and yes to Irish Tacos.

If you’re going for an Irish taco, Guinness is a no-brainer. And while beef might have been the obvious choice, we went for pork because…well, we really love pork tacos.

The green crema is a lime and cilantro sour cream. The bright, fresh flavors of lime and cilantro really made the deep flavors of the Guinness braised pork sing. Finally, queso fresco. Have you had it recently? It’s so good.

To serve, heat up a couple of corn tortillas and pile them up with braised pork, shredded cabbage, green crema, and queso fresco. Tacolicious.

Lentil chipotle taco recipe  4. Lentil and Zucchini Tacos with a Chipotle Cream Sauce

We mentioned vegetarian in our introduction – the cool thing about tacos is, no taco recipe has to be second best. This vegetarian entree from Bev Cooks is a great example – it’s delicious, filling, tasty, and colorful. You can go vegetarian and gluten free without feeling like you’re giving anything up. The soft but toothy lentils, velvety arugula, and lightly sautéed zucchini is one thing, but that cilantro-lime-chipotle-yogurt sauce is the icing on the proverbial taco-cake.

To serve you’ll layer a couple of corn tortillas at a time. Spoon the lentil/arugula mixture on the bottom, followed by the sautéed zucchini and drizzle with the chipotle cream sauce. Serve tacos with more cilantro and lime slices on hand and eat with caution! (Or reckless abandon).

Steak taco recipe5. A Keto Taco Recipe: Steak Taco With Cheese Shell

A balanced diet is a taco in each hand. And if you’re leaning keto, listen up: your favorite taco fillings, including steak, are stuffed inside crispy cheddar cheese shells for a beginner recipe that’s easy enough to tackle on a weeknight.

Which is good news, because we want to get past the construction phase to the bon appetite part as quickly as possible.

Check out the full ingredients list and cook times from Brit + Co. To assemble, fill taco shells with a pinch of lettuce, a few strips of steak, a dollop of sour cream, a smattering of diced tomato and avocado, a few thin slices of jalapeño, and a dash of lime zest.

But First, Tacos

As a restaurant owner or caterer, we get that you’re not just cooking—you’re also planning everything from the layout of the chafing dishes to the placement of food and utensils. You’re constantly reviewing your menu and offerings. And when it comes to Mexican food (or any food), we’re ready to help.

Check out Schenck Foods’ wholesale catalog to save on your Hispanic and Latino ingredients, serving supplies, and paper goods for all your restaurant and catering gigs.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to ask a question, request special ingredients, or take advantage of our full-service paper products program.

Do it for your restaurant, your food truck, your catering business, your family, yourself: do it for the tacos.