Most Popular Daycare Finger Foods

by | Feb 28, 2022

two children eating breakfast food at a daycare

As a wholesale food distributor offering popular finger foods for daycares, we want to point you toward the most popular foods our daycare clients already order from us. Choosing the right foods for a daycare is often a multi-step decision involving how popular a food is, how much it costs, how easy it is to clean up, and how long the shelf life is. Take a look at some favorites.

Our most-ordered daycare foods:

  • Fruit Cups
  • Poptarts
  • Granola Bars
  • English Muffins
  • Pancakes & Waffles
  • Pizza
  • French Fries

Fruit Cups

healthy fruit cup snack for daycares

Fruit cups are a year-round favorite. They are healthy, popular with kids, easy to store, and of course, tasty. They are a good choice for older kids who are less prone to spilling. The small, soft pieces can present a choking hazard to younger kids and toddlers.

Flavors available: Mixed fruit, tropical fruit, mandarin orange, peaches, pears, pineapple

Case size: 36 servings (mixed fruit)


poptart for easy daycare snack

Pop-tarts are here to stay, and healthier than ever with new whole-grain versions. These snacks are ready to eat right out of the pouch, and of course can be toasted or chilled.

Flavors available: Cinnamon whole grain, blueberry, and strawberry whole-grain

Case size: 72 servings (cinnamon flavor)

Granola Bars

granola bar for daycare snack

These crunchy Nature Valley granola bars add a little more texture and excitement to snack time. They’re particularly fitting for carrying to the playground or picnic table.

Flavors available: Oats and honey

Case size: 108 servings (2 bars) and 144 servings (1 bar)

English Muffins

english muffin snack for daycare

These breakfast muffins are versatile snacks. They can be eaten plain or toasted and can easily be turned into a simple kid sandwich with peanut butter, jelly, or another spread. The traditional white flour version is most common, but for a healthier option, try whole wheat.

Flavors available: white and whole wheat

Case size: 72 servings (white) and 72 servings (whole wheat)

Pancakes and Waffles

waffle finger food for daycaresmini pancake finger food for daycares

Like English muffins, pancakes and waffles are best when combined with various toppings and spreads. But as a one-up on English muffins, pancakes and waffles can have sweet toppings, and make great finger foods for birthday parties and holiday events. Get some fruit and whipping cream to turn these snacks into fun food-decorating activities.

For smaller kids, try mini pancakes. These tiny pancakes beg to be stacked and piled, and if you have playful or fussy eaters, you can minimize food waste. With 90 servings of 12 mini pancakes each, you can be in stock for a while.

Unlike English muffins, these products need to be heated up first and can’t be eaten straight from the box. In a nod to convenience, however, some are microwaveable.

Case size: 144 servings (waffles), 144 servings (pancakes), and 90 servings (12 mini pancakes)


pizza slice for daycaremini pizza for daycare kid food

For kid favorites, it’s hard to beat pizza. This food takes longer to prepare – you’ll need an oven. For parties or fun Fridays, it’s worth it.

We offer different flavors and sizes of pizza. For larger groups, you may want full-size, pre-cut pizzas. We also stock 5-inch versions that are easy to hand out individually.

Our easy-to-prepare pizzas can be unwrapped, baked, and served without any other fuss. The portion sizes are already cut to help with portion control and serving.

Flavors available: cheese and pepperoni

Case size: 96 servings (regular slices) and 24 servings (5” mini pizzas)

French Fries

French fries are the all-American finger food that every kid recognizes. Their small size and easy hold mean that they’re good for kids of all ages. Prepare these in an oven.

Types available: regular, crinkle cut, shoestring, steak fries, home fries

Case size: 160 servings (3 oz fries)

How To Order Daycare Foods

If you already have an account with us, you can order several ways: call us, order online, drop by our Winchester, VA warehouse, or call your sales representative.

If you don’t have an account, now is the time to get one! Ordering food wholesale is an easy way to save on food costs.

Other benefits you get by ordering from Schenck Foods:

  • No application or membership fee
  • A low $250 order minimum
  • Flat $5 delivery fees
  • Order as late as 5pm for next-day delivery, Monday-Friday
  • Walk-in warehouse in Winchester, VA

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