How to Choose Your Wholesale Food Distributor for Your Restaurant

by | Sep 15, 2021

As a restaurant, your business is centered around food. Naturally, you want everyone who visits your restaurant to enjoy and be excited about the dishes you serve and the atmosphere you create. The decision of choosing your wholesale food distributor is foundational to the success of your business.

So, how do you get started?

The Essential Ingredients

Before you search for a wholesale food distributor, you need to determine what you need. Does your restaurant require unique ingredients? Will you need quick shipping? You’ll want to ensure your distributor has the capability and capacity to serve your business.

Note Your Supplies

Begin by taking stock of all the supplies you will need. Be as specific as possible as you go through the dishes you offer and the disposable supplies you use, such as napkins and straws. Some distributors may not have access to everything you need, which may require you to work with more than one distributor. Ideally, once you have secured the list of what you will need, you will find a local distributor that can accommodate what you need.

A unique feature of our company Schenck Foods is that we offer customization. If you desire something not currently in our online product catalog, we will special order it for you. This customization allows us to serve you in a way that many other distributors cannot. So, if there is a special ingredient you need, you can special order with us and can expect to get it within a reasonable delivery time.

Delivery Options

Perishables and items that will need to be restocked quickly require a wholesale distributor that can be counted on to deliver consistently. Depending on the item, you may need items restocked on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you know already that your deliveries will be more time-sensitive, you will want to look for a distributor that will be upfront about order times and delivery.

We offer a variety of delivery times for our clients and help ensure their success with quick turnaround times. Our online ordering system is a helpful tool for planning ahead with your orders. For last-minute items, we can deliver the next day when you order before 4:00 P.M.

The Ideal Partnership

A wholesale distributor can open up new avenues of efficiency, deals, and more. Ideally, your distributor will build a connection with you that will be far more than transactional – they should be a partner that understands your restaurant’s offerings and looks out for your success.

Do Your Research

Searching for wholesale distributors online will turn up both national chains and local providers. Anyone can promise quality products and reliable customer service, so pay attention to the reviews customers leave. Based on your findings, select the distributors you would like to explore to test out the waters.

When you do connect with potential distributors, ask questions about available products, service fees, delivery times, and the process for ordering. As you gather this information, you will be able to better determine if you have found a good fit.

Consider Sizing

While all distributors have something to offer, their benefits are somewhat determined by the size. For example, building a collaborative partnership with a distributor is easier if they are smaller and locally-based. Larger distributors may have better substitution offerings but they often offer impersonal services.

If you are a restaurant with 1-5 regional locations, it would be worthwhile to partner with a local distributor who can ensure attention to detail and specialization with your orders. Depending on your needs, a smaller distributor may be in a better position to help you grow your business through service that goes beyond consistent deliveries.

A Wholesale Food Distributor that Works for You

A wholesale food distributor that cherishes your business and treats you like a true business partner is a distributor that will help you succeed. As a third-generation wholesale food distributor, we know how important building a legacy is to small businesses.

For us at Schenck Foods, helping you succeed is our highest priority, and we have built our customer service team to provide you with quick access to friendly representatives who are empowered to help you. Whether it’s your first order or you’ve been with us for over a decade, you can expect the same level of stellar service.

From our family to yours, we invite you to order with us here and experience the Schenck Foods difference.