Paper Products for Restaurants: 3 Strategies for the Win

by | Jul 20, 2022

Schenck Foods’ Full-Service Paper Products Program

High operating costs can sink a restaurant. You feel it every week as you fill out purchase orders and schedule deliveries. Food is the first thing that jumps to most minds–it is what you serve after all–but it can be everything around, under and over that food that introduces the headache. It’s paper products: disposable packaging, plastic-sealed paper napkins and plastic utensils, takeout boxes and compostable cups, napkins, and more. 

You know that as a wholesale restaurant supplier, we offer an enormous selection of food products, delivered to your door. But there’s more. In addition to our quality catalog of foodstuffs and our full-service coffee program, Schenck Foods also has a partnership with Tork, allowing us to be a one-stop shop for your restaurant’s paper products needs.

Dependable Wholesale Paper Solutions

Finding a good wholesale restaurant supply partner saves you time–and money. And now more than ever, restaurants need a reliable supplier for not only the foodstuffs, but for the ancillary products that support the main dish.

Paper napkin products displayed for wholesale orderOff-premise restaurant orders were up 20% in September compared with the same time two years ago, according to NPD Group. That means more paper products. But just when to-go orders skyrocket, snarls in the global supply chain are making it more difficult for restaurants to find enough straws, iced coffee cups, and takeout containers. Manufacturers are paying more for materials, while delays at ports and labor challenges are slowing down their ability to deliver the products to customers.

Remember we mentioned our restaurant paper products partnership with Tork? This is why it’s important. Paper product demand is higher than ever, but it’s getting harder to source. Toilet paper hoarding, anyone?

You need a partner too. One that can share your vision and your goals. And a partner who has the stuff you need: napkins, plates, to go boxes. Everything from fryer filter paper and coffee filters to food basket liners. Disposable tableware, biodegradable food containers, cups, and bowls at wholesale prices and delivered to your door. 

Need dispensers too? If your restaurant buys Tork supplies from Schenck Foods, you can also request dispensers from Tork, and Tork will send paper towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, soap dispensers, and napkin dispensers, at no additional cost to you (note that Tork has a 15 dispenser order minimum).

But you know what? You need more than paper products. You need a simple methodology–a system that is as contactless as those airport bathroom water faucets–but without all the hand waving. 

Paper toilet rolls available for wholesale ordersA (Wholesale) Experiment In Simplicity

How can you make the daily operating of your restaurant as minimally invasive as possible, while optimizing cost-effectiveness? 

The answer’s simple, really.

Cut out as many steps as possible. Like McDonald’s revolutionary Speedee System or Henry Ford’s automated car line, the goal is to make the day-to-day operations as efficient as possible. And one big step in that direction is to combine retailers where possible. Instead of ordering from 3-5 vendors weekly, can you order from just 1 or 2?

To do that, you need to know what your local food wholesaler offers. Have you called our team to ask questions, request special ingredients, or take advantage of our coffee, paper, or chemical foodstuff programs?

By bundling these products with an experienced and dependable wholesaler, you’re taking advantage of Schenck Foods specialized industry knowledge, our market depth and innovation awareness. 

You’re simplifying. You’re letting us be good and what we do, so that you can be good at what you do. 

Shows a biodegradable paper cup to emphasize sustainable paper productsStay Sustainable with Biodegradable and Recycled Wholesale Paper Products

According to the EPA, containers and packaging alone contribute over 23% of the material reaching landfills in the U.S., a part of which are food-related containers and packaging.

Packaging also makes up a majority of the litter that ends up on our beaches and other waterways. Obviously this is a problem as fish, birds, and other aquatic wildlife are often harmed by ingesting plastic bags and other debris from packaging. Waste in the ocean also causes navigation hazards for boats and results in losses to the shipping, fishing, and tourism industries.

Being on the leading edge of an environmentally friendly, sustainable plan to reduce waste isn’t just a responsible thing to do, it can also cut costs and encourage customers to consider their own paper usage when at your restaurant.

Switching to paperless receipts, or recycled paper products are easy ways to make steps toward a richer, more sustainable system. Schenck Foods is proud that Tork has taken a variety of steps in helping you and your customers with sustainable consumption–from designing products and services that fit in a circular society to shaping behaviors to use less. 

For more information, check out the EPA’s study on reducing packaging waste, which includes a fantastic strategy checklist. 

Checklist describing strategies to reduce paper product waste

Sounds Good On Paper

Dependable solutions, efficiency, and sustainability. Those are some of our favorite things. We’re a food wholesaler, but, as you can see, we do more than just food. Way more. And one of those things is paper products. 

That’s where Schenck Foods’ wholesale pricing and paper partnership with Tork come into play.

Schenck Foods has competitive pricing, quick order processing, friendly and efficient staff, and rapid turnaround and delivery time. What we don’t have is a mediocre selection, slow corporate hassle, or hidden fees. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to ask questions, request special ingredients, or take advantage of our full-service paper products program. 

For all your paper needs, we’ve got you covered.